Episode 1

Form and Flow

The Kootenay Robusters

Heart + Resilience

Rooted in ancient Chinese tradition, the remarkable repute of dragon boat racing in Canada hasbeen associated with breast cancer awareness. The Kootenay Robusters, aka “The Girls”, is a group of animated women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Outside of being true athletes, these women are a support network, non­-profit campaigners and a team of friends who embody the uplifting role of camaraderie and perseverance.

Jen Segger

Verve + Tenacity.

Ultraracer, ultrarunner, supportive coach, inspiring volunteer and mom, this amazing lady has a contagious enthusiasm for pushing the limits. With nature as her playground, the challenges Jen seeks are unique, adventure-­filled and usually beyond rational physical limitations but, you’ll know by her winning smile, they’re worth it.